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Are you on the lookout for a new carpet?

A new carpet is an investment, and it’s well worth treating any carpet purchase you make that way. Yes, it’s tempting just to take some rough measurements and stroll into a carpet shop and place an order. BUT, if you’re going to do that, we’d encourage you to think again.

The problem with carpet is that there isn’t such a thing as a standard carpet that suits everyone and every situation. There are low cost carpets, high cost carpets, low quality carpets and high quality carpets. What you want and what you need will depend on your unique project and your budget. But irrespective of your unique circumstances, isn’t it best to get the best quality carpet at the best price you can – all backed with the best service?

At Carpet Master we believe that you deserve the very best when you buy a carpet. You can check out the carpets we offer for yourself right here.

Choosing the right carpet is just the start

While it’s easy to walk into a shop and order a carpet, have you thought beyond the vision you have of that lovely carpet in your lounge, bedroom or hall?

• Have you made sure that the measurements you’ve taken are spot on?
• What about fitting? Who’s going to fit the carpet?
• What are you going to do with your furniture while the carpet is being fitted? And who’ll put it back in place afterwards?
• And what about uplifting and getting rid of your existing floorcovering?

Have you considered all these things? No? We have. And a whole lot more.

Free estimate and planning

At Carpet Master we provide a free estimate and planning service. This helps you make sure that the carpet choice you’re making is right for your life and your budget. It also means that you’re getting the right amount of carpet – not too much – not too little. We also plan the fitting of your carpet.

As carpet fitters Stirling we’re accustomed to fitting carpets, so we know all the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. Beyond choosing your carpet, we’ll work with you to work out how we’re going to clear your room of furnishings; what needs to be done to get rid of your existing flooring and then we’ll even put back your furniture. We’ll also identify what you need in terms of underlay and fixings. What this means is that your new carpet project will go like clockwork - without any nasty surprises.

Why fitting is so very important.

Expert installation makes a world of difference - it increases the lifespan of your flooring and can make a budget friendly solution look high end. What this means is that the right carpet fitting won’t just make your carpet look a whole lot better, it’ll make it last a whole lot longer too. As carpet fitters Stirling, we know how essential it is to get the fitting right. That’s why our Platinum fitting service goes all the way from A to Z to make sure that your carpet purchase and fitting experience is smooth, stress free and successful.

At Carpet Masters, our carpet fitters Stirling are masters in making it happen. If you’re on the lookout for a new carpet, why not tap into our expertise? Get in touch now and leave the rest to us.

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