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In today’s throwaway world, it’s great to have a use for leftovers. Top chefs are showing us how to upcycle our food leftovers and interior experts are helping us make more of our old furniture. When it comes to carpeting, no matter how skilled your carpet fitter or accurate the estimate, there are generally off-cuts left over at the end of a job. While your immediate reaction might be to throw them away, we think this is a real waste.

Discover carpet whipping for yourself

At Carpet Master, we’re experts at carpet whipping (also called carpet binding). If you haven’t heard of it before, carpet whipping is a great way to make clever use of off-cuts. It’s a skill that was used on a regular basis until not so very long ago, but it’s often it’s forgotten about because not many carpet fitters offer it any more. The Carpet Master team has been in carpets for a very long time, so we have the skills and expertise to make the most of every carpet job we get involved in.

Carpet whipping involves taking off-cuts and making them into smartly bound rugs, mats and mini carpets. Not only is this a logical and cost effective solution, it’s an option that can make a real statement when planned properly.

Make the most of your carpet off-cuts

Here are 3 ideas for using your off-cuts to great effect:

1. Rugs. Carpet whipping means you can use a carpet off-cut to create a rug at a fraction of the cost of an ‘off the shelf’ equivalent. This option also means that your rug is an exact match with your carpet. Rugs made in this way are ideal for protecting areas of your carpet that have particularly heavy footfall.

2. Runners. Runners look great in hallways, alongside your bed or in the kitchen if you have tiles that are cold under foot. Binding carpet off-cuts means you can cut your runners to the precise size and shape you need. Depending on how much left over carpet you have, you might even be lucky enough to make 2 or 3 runners so you have some in stock.

3. Car, boat and caravan carpets. Small spaces can be challenging when it comes to carpeting. Specifically made car, boat and caravan carpets can cost a fortune. Making your own using our carpet whipping service means you get the exact shape and size you want and lets you take a little bit of home with you wherever you go.

Are you ready to breathe new life into your carpet left-overs?

No matter how big or small your carpet off-cut, the team at Carpet Master will give it a new lease of life. If you have one or many carpet off-cuts that you’d like to turn to good use, get in touch and let us put our skills into action to save you money and give you a great look.

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